Blame Stephen : Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?


Half of you reading this have come here because you’re curious to see what I think on the topic of same-sex marriage. The other half, you’re at your desk or holding your phones, hands jittery, already itching to reply and tell me I’m wrong … that same-sex marriage is wrong. Wrong, wrong, fucking wrong!! You probably don’t even have an argument, other than saying … “it’s wrong.”


Well, I’m about to tell everyone the two reasons why it isn’t wrong. I’m going to explain two incredibly simplistic reasons why we should embrace it. Are you ready for this? Hold onto your seats and prepare to have your mind blown!


Wow … that might be building things up a little too much … anyway, here we go.


Reason #1   Economic Growth


What the Fuck am I on about!?


Yeah I know. It’s not the reason you were expecting, but hear me out. We, especially here in my home state of Tasmania, could really do with extra growth in our economy. Tassie is doing is pretty tough and has done for decades, so why not find a simple solution to throw extra dollars into the market.



The average cost for a wedding in 2012 was $36,200. Holy Shit-Balls, Batman!! Now I know you’re reading this and saying, “Troy. You’re full of shit. My wedding didn’t cost that much,” but remember this is an average cost. So … some only costed out at thousands, while others were in the hundreds of thousands. Also, that average would now, four years later, will be thousands higher than that figure.


Imagine for a moment, how many same-sex couples want to get married. Census information from 2011 tells us that there were 33,700 same-sex couples in Australia (I’m sure that numbers has increased significantly as we now live in a more accepting age and I’m sure many people weren’t comfortable admitting that information). Not everyone wants to get married, obviously, so how about if just 6,000 couples would get married if they were legally able to. That’s a low number, but fair for this discussion.


6,000 x $36,000 =  $217,200,000 … yep … that’s over  TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS being spent locally on venue hire, caterers, musicians, florists, decorators, alcohol, churches, celebrants, accommodation and more. And this aren’t things you order online so nearly all the money will be spent with local people who NEED the business.



And that figure doesn’t even include the engagement or wedding rings. So, let’s be realistic, and say that all the rings come to a total of $2000 for each couple. That’s 10,000,000. Another ten million!!


Then, and here’s the kicker, if the government decides to legalise it instead of spending (wasting) a quoted $160,000,000 on a plebiscite, not only do we gain close to quarter of a million dollars of local spending, we also save a hundred and sixty million that can be better spent on more important things such as health and education.


Plus, with the rate of divorce these days, imagine how much extra money lawyers will make. They must be secretly hoping for same-sex marriage more than gay couples.


If I had a mic right now I’d drop it and leave the stage. BOOM!!! But I’m at a laptop and not onstage so let’s just move on, shall we.


Legalising Same Sex marriage is financially smart for Australia!